2004 Pack 214 Time Capsule

At the September 2004 Pack Meeting, the Pack 214 time capsule was loaded with items from each den and sealed. It is set to be opened 25 years later on September 21, 2029. Click on the pictures below for a larger version.

The complete contents of the time capsule includes: Webelos Resident Camp den spirit flags, handprint cutouts, web site printouts, collage, postage stamp, stretched skin, knife, handmade neckerchief slide, BSA membership card, Pokemon card, and GSITW sign.

The den flag is from the 2004 Bison Webelos II patrol from the summer Webelos Resident Camp. That year they won the Camp Spirit Award, Camp Archery Award, and Camp Marksman Award.  The is a collage from Bear Den 6 led by Scott Query, showing pictures and cut-outs from current events.  In 2004 the dubious distinction of being the “Greatest Spitter in the World” went to Derek Hodge, Cubmaster during the 2003-2004 program year. This is the signage that hung from his neck during one of his amazing pack meeting spitting demonstrations.  The handprint cutout collection is from Wolf Den 2, led by Andrea Schultz. Each scout wrote something about themselves on their handprint. The printout of the Pack 214 website showing activities the Pack was involved in during the month of September 2004. And lastly, there is a stretched skin from Bear Den 5 led by Tim Keeton with all scouts signatures.

Here are some pictures of the contents: