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NOVA Award

NOVA Award

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Welcome Letter

Dear Cub Scout family,

Thank you for your interest this year in Matthews UMC Pack 214’s BSA STEM NOVA program! NOVA is an award-based program within Boys Scouts of America that operates independently of regular rank requirements and merit activities. Full details are available at .

A Cub Scout (Wolves through AOL) may earn a NOVA award by working through a combination of activities at home and together as a group. When we meet once a month, in the Eagle’s Nest we will focus on requirements that can be the group activities.

At the Cub Scout level, NOVA awards are relatively simple to earn. There is no cost to attend NOVA classes and you may commit to one, or multiple adventures. In order to insure adequate supplies (if any) are available there is a signup genius available for each classes. Please note that to ensure BSA’s required Two Deep Leadership (as covered in the Youth Protection module), NOVA adventures may not be drop off events depending on the registered leaders available per class. One of the core requirements is to discuss investigations with a counselor, Parents that means you and your assistance is appreciated. If your scout’s behavior is unruly or distracting during these classes you will be required to attend with your scout. Siblings are invited to attend but will not receive the same awards as registered scouts. Siblings are invited to attend but will not receive the same awards as registered scouts. Pack 214 will cover award related costs for Pack 214 registered scouts.

Most awards have the following basic elements:

  1. Through any combination of reading and watching an educational program, learn more about your subject for 1-hour.
  2. Complete a rank-based adventure with your den or a group activity.
  3. Investigate a question with your counselor using the scientific method.
  4. Visit a place where science is being done. Talk to a scientist.
  5. Discuss what you have learned with your counselor.

The expectation is that part one will be completed outside of our monthly activity time together. For part two, we will complete the group activity together as a group on a Sunday afternoon. Part three and five will be completed during our afternoons together as well. Part four may need to be completed through a scheduled group activity, school field trip, or during another time with your family or other outside group.

2020 Schedule

Date / Time Event
Sunday January 19th
4:00 PM – 5:30 PM
NOVA Tech Talk – Sign Up!
Sunday February 23rd
3:00 PM – 4:30 PM
Nova Out of this World – Sign Up!
Sunday March 22nd
3:00 PM – 4:30 PM
NOVA 1-2-3-Go! – Sign Up!
Sunday April 19th
3:00 PM – 4:30 PM
Fearful Symmetry – Sign Up!