Pack 214 Volunteering

Pack 214 also helps support our local community and organizations.

Each year Pack 214 helps with Matthews Alive. We give back to our community by helping run one of the rides. Parent volunteers make this happen! Each year we need parents in shifts of 2 for a few hours to take tickets. It’s an easy way to help!



The Down Syndrome Association of Charlotte is  wonderful organization that helps parents of newborn Down Syndrome children find resources and answers they need. They also sponsor a number of camps for older children with Down Syndrome.

In October 2018, the DSA sent a speaker to our October Pack Meeting for Down Syndrome Awareness Month. The boys learned about people with different abilities and got to try socks on their hands and button/unbutton their shirts so they could feel what it was like to have sensory issues. It was a great lesson for the boys as to the differing abilities and challenges that others deal with daily.

In 2018 PACK 214 Volunteered to help at the annual 3-2-1 Dash, a 5k to raise money for the DSA programs and awareness of the needs of Down Syndrome Children. Mr. Femenella organized this activity as his son and scout George has Down Syndrome.