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General Webelos Info

Webelos Year 1

  1. Starting in their Webelos 1 year Webelos should begin bringing their own mess kit and cup to all camp outs.
  2. Webelos should bring water bottles to all scout activities.
  3. Dens should elect a den animal (Cobras, Dragons etc). Patches are available at the scout store, or online. Take a look at the scout store inventory before name voting so you know the patches are available. You can buy them and have the parents pay you back, or make it a buy your own thing. The Pack doesn’t pay for these.
  4. Elect a patrol leader for each month of the scouting year. The patrol leader is responsible for starting the meeting, finding volunteers for the pledge, oath, law.
  5. Make reciting the Outdoor code part of starting your meeting. A good game to play is have boys pair off and assign one part of the code to each team. Then point to them in order and have them say their “line”. Repeat this several times having them switch positions and lines.
  6. Start working on tent setup and knot tying early. This is a skill they won’t frequently get to practice
  7. Setting up the dining fly at each campout is a useful way to learn the taut hitch.
  8. There are some opportunities like O’Ree where the Webelos get to be at their own camp site. Use this as a chance to assign 1 boy as patrol leader for the day, taking the opportunity to organize the boys to leave for activities, coordinating when they should leave etc. Don’t over do it though, make sure to keep some time for the pack. Joining the pack for meals and camp activities worked well and is a good balance.
  9. For the shopping for a healthy meal requirement, have the boys plan a healthy menu one meeting and then another meeting can be at a local grocery store where they have a budget for their meal and a number of guests they need to plan to feed. Turn them loose in teams in the store and have them shop for ingredients (just noting prices and amounts, not filling up their cart). See who can stay at or under their budget.

Webelos Year 2

  1. Have the boys plan an overnight camping trip and hike. Open it up to all Webelos II dens as it makes it easier to get participation and adult leaders/parents to help. In general an 8:1 ration boys/adults is good. The point of the exercise is to get the boys used to not having parents with them. Try to do this so that you have enough adults present for 2 deep leadership and enough cars for everyone but not so much that boys don’t get a chance to be without a parent present.
  2. Get to work right away on requirements.
  3. You don’t have a lot of time. Between Bright Blessings, holidays, scouting for food and meeting with the boy scouts, there is not a lot of meeting time. Don’t get side tracked on electives, focus on the required adventures.
  4. Try to come up with a few activities that the boys can lead on their own. One good example was the boys teaching the den leaders a skill, like playing soccer. Put the boys in charge of it, den leaders behave like the boys. Fun for all.
  5. Bowline Knot Ideas. Have the boys work together to make multiple bowline knots in a line or rope. Hang the rope from a tree and use each loop as foot holds to climb the tree. Second idea, have them make a series of bowline knots in a line of rope. Play tug of war, but they have to hold onto the rope by the loops. If the loops don’t slip the boys have done it correctly. If the loops slip, they’ve not done it properly.

Webelos Adventure Camp

  1. Starting in January/February, pay attention to the council training site for announcements about WAC.
  2. At least 2 leaders should attend the training so that there is a backup leader.
  3. The rising Web I leader should attend so they’re familiar with the process and can cover it for 2 years.
  4. It is IMPORTANT to attend the training. In doing so you receive a link for early registration. This gets your boys into the system and provides first pick of events.
  5. Typically Pack 214 signs up for the Thurs – Sun WAC. This is easier for parents as they just have to take Thurs/Fri off rathern than Mon-Thurs. Going to the second session also provides a chance for the camp and volunteers to work out any kinks before session 2.
  6. Aquanaut can only be done at camp.
  7. The Engineering elective at camp doesn’t cover all of the elective requirements.
  8. Focus on the electives needed for AOL requirement if you can. Kills 2 birds with 1 stone.
  9. Keep track of what the counselors cover in each of your WAC courses. Sometimes there are gaps in what they cover that you’ll need to fill in with your den on their own.
  10. For Web II’s, focus on fun and things they enjoy. There’s nothing wrong, for example with having 3 sessions of pool time. Very likely you’ll end up with at least one getting rained out. Ask the boys what they liked to do and focus on those things, even multiple sessions so they can enjoy.
  11. Climbing tour during the middle of the day is a tough one. Try to do that early morning if you can to avoid heat/sun exposure.
  12. Bring small/lightweight things for the boys to do. If there is a severe storm you’ll be going to the dining hall and you will sometimes be in there for a few hours. Card games, small portable/lightweight games in your daypack will work. Carry them with you because you may not be at your campsite when the siren goes off summoning you to the dining hall.
  13. Paracord kit is a fun “down time” activity for the boys or as a dining hall backup in case of bad weather.
  14. Travel chess is an easy game to bring to the dining hall if needed.
  15. Leave your campsite as if it was going to rain when you leave in the morning. Chairs away, rain flaps down. You may be on the other side of camp with no chance to get back to your site if the siren goes off due to severe weather. If you’ve left flaps open and rain fly off, you will be sleeping in water.

Outdoor Activity Award

  1. In 2017 our Webelos Boys earned the Outdoor Activity Award. We accomplished this based on the following activities
    1. The boys attended summer camp or WAC
    2. They completed Webelos Walkabout as part of the Webelos I requirements
    3. The participated in a nature hike (Webelos Walkabout) as well as another hike we did at the Latta Planatation.
    4. The boys attended WAC as their over nighter as well as O’Ree and year end camp out.
    5. Pack 214 earned the summertime pack award
    6. The boys participated in bird watching and kept a list of the birds they could find/identify.
    7. The boys did Aquanaut at WAC
    8. At O’Ree the boys performed a skit during the campfire program
    9. The boys played kickball at O’Ree. As part of their Webelos requirement to play a sport they’ve never tried they also did Frisbee Golf at Squirrel Lake Park.
    10. Lead prayer at YECO for the Pack.
    11. As part of their Webelos I activity we had them invent a game, write down the rules and play it outside.