Lion Leader Resources

General Information

The Pack 214 Lion Den started in the Fall of 2017. Below are lessons learned from that experience and decisions made regarding the Lions.

  1. Dues were set at $25 to make it easy for Lion parents to sign up and try out scouting. This includes just the registration fee. Lions are responsible for obtaining their own uniform shirt & hat as well as guide book.
  2. It was decided that Lions would not participate in the pinewood derby. Lions would instead participate in a box race where they make a car body to wear and race around the track.
    1. Rationale that this activity was already part of their Lions activity.
    2. Lions typically have another sibling in scouts that are already making a car. This would double the work on parents.
    3. This fulfilled requirement (GET NUMBER) for the boys. We did it as part of Pinewood Derby instead of a den meeting so that the boys had a big audience to cheer them on. Bring something to rope off a course. Instead of spraying water on their faces we used towels to ‘wipe their faces’ instead. We had 2 Web II’s at each pit stop to help the boys. It’s a good way to get the older scouts to help the younger ones. The box cars were a big distraction after the race. Find a place to put them where the other boys won’t take over and/or destroy them. Get creative and have fun with them. Lion Den leader made one and was the “pace car”, walking the boys through what they had to do before the race.
  3. Because we only had 3 Lions, 2 of which belonged to the Lion guide, the rotation was 2 meetings for Lion guide, one meeting for other parent.
  4. At the meeting before the parent is to lead, print out the activity they need to lead, review, discuss and encourage
  5. Remind the parent that is leading the meeting about a week before they’re scheduled. This eliminates any last minute surprises or change of plans.

Lion-Specific Information